MDLive is a 24/7 Doctor Call Telemedicine service.  This program is available only via membership.  The monthly membership of $9.95 covers up to 10 members of your household.  With this membership, you have a $0 copay and unlimited usage 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.


To purchase a telemedicine membership to MDLive, you simply need to register as a user and provide your preferred payment method.  Once you have established your member account, you may add up to 9 additional household members, at no additional charge.

Buyer Beware! We have researched a number of “free” telemedicine programs that allow you access to a telemedicine program at no monthly costs.  However, when you use these services, a copay charge of between $40 and $120 is collected at the time of service.  A copay charge of $120 for a single telemedicine visit would cover the membership for a family of 10 people via our platform for an entire year!

Additionally, some telemedicine services are not as robust as MDLive in terms of the types of doctor appointments that can be done virtually.  In our opinion, MDLive is the very best telemedicine service available in the marketplace today.

Educated consumers make smarter healthcare choices.

To purchase your MDLive – 24/7 Doctor Call telemedicine membership: